About Me


Hello and a very warm welcome to my blog. I am an HR professional with nearly 10 years experience and currently work as a HR Manager for building products manufacturer, Forterra. Despite the title, I certainly do not fit in the typical “HR shaped hole”, I tend to do HR in my own style.

I am fortunate to have a successful career and some of my achievements include being a finalist at the CIPD 2012 People Management Awards in the Michael Kelly Student of the year category in which I was named highly commended runner up. I am also on the CIPD Northamptonshire committee and as another string to my bow, I am a CIPD Steps Ahead Ambassador.

Life in HR is not all about tea, biscuits and cosy conversations, if only it was that easy, everyone would want a job like that! It most certainly has it’s challenges and that is what makes it exciting and no two days are ever the same.

I have always been passionate about working from a young age and despite succeeding at school, I decided against attending university in favor of the working world. I started working at 16 in a department store in Slough to fund my A-Levels in business as I was insistent that I didn’t expect my parents to fund it!

I started my career working in customer service roles, which was invaluable as it was transferable into my HR career, after all, HR is just internal customer service if you look at it from a distance. I knew that I wanted to help businesses on a much wider scale so I chose my career in HR as I was (and still am) always looking at ways that I can contribute to my company whilst supporting its employees along the way.

My passion for business and people is something I have found comes naturally and when you work hard for something you need it to be worth your while. I hope this comes across to my readers and I look forward to sharing my journey with you all.


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